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"The close musical rapport that develops when six men sing together every day, as the Queen's Six do, is very much in evidence on this, their impressive debut album, recorded at St George's Chapel, Windsor, where they are lay clerks in the choir.

They bring seamless blend and balance to music from the reign of Elizabeth I, from whom they take their name" -The Guardian

Fresh off the recent Royal wedding, the Queen's Six repertoire extends beyond the reach of the choir stalls: from austere early chant, florid Renaissance polyphony, lewd madrigals and haunting folk songs, to upbeat Jazz and Pop arrangements. The group comes from the Chapel Choir that performs some eight services a week often before the Royal Family.

The Queen's Six were established in 2008, the 450th anniversary of the accession of Queen Elizabeth I, from whom they take their name. The Chapel Choir performs some eight services a week, as well as at private and state occasions, often before the Royal Family. Now Dan, Tim, Nick, Dom, Andrew, and Simon have come together to bring their unique style of entertainment to a much wider audience.

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