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Twin Cities One-Minute Play Festival

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History Theatre
30 E. 10th Street, Saint Paul 55101 651-292-432

History Theatre is proud to host the 5th Annual Twin Cities One-Minute Play Festival (1MPF)! 1MPF is a social barometer theatre project. Local writers are asked to generate moments that are in response to the world as they see and experience it. Once they do, we find themes, ideas, conversations, connections, and the bigger picture that emerges from the work. We think of our performance as one play comprised of smaller moments, which is closer to epic theatre than short form. We ask our artists and audiences to take a step back, look at the bigger picture, and see what's happening when we take a core-sample of the zeitgeist. Through that, we're able to engage with critical questions like: who are we? where are we going? what is our relationship to each other? to our community? to our country? to or work? to our civic life? This is part theatre work, part community convening, and partly about holding space to dialogue and respond to the world as we experience it, through our art. 1MPF involves over 100 local playwrights, directors, and performers - don't miss it! Proceeds from ticket sales will support History Theatre's educational programs in the community.

Featuring Brand New One-Minute Plays by: Rachel Brogan, Tina Burnside, Jeannine Coulombe, Layla Dowlatshahi, Jessica Finney, Andrea Fairbanks, Scotty Gunderson, Marlina Gonzalez, Laurie Flanigan Hegge, Catherine Hansen, Shavunda Horsley, Natonia J'Sont, Mark Jensen, Khary Jackson, Andrea Jenkins, Phillip Low, Raymond Luczak, Oya Mae, Heather Meyer, Ray MacAiran, Shira Naharit, Anthony Neuman, Mire Regulus, Jane Ryan, Dankia Ragnhild, Marcie Rendon, Danielle Silver, Cassandra Snow, Eric "Pogi" Sumangil, Matt Sciple, Maggie Ryan Sandford, Cassandra Snow, Shannon Towhy, Elle Thoni, Ruth Virkus, Ricardo Vasquez, Stanton Wood, Tim Wick. Directed by: Samuel Fiorillo, Anya Kremenetsky, Callie Meiners, Lucas Skjaret, Shannon Twohy, Sophie Peyton, Meggie Greivell, Shanna Fraiser, & Diana Wilde. Curated by Dominic D'Andrea & Caitlin Wees. All tickets are $18.00 General Admission

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History Theatre, Inc.
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