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Performance Information

We're using our Box Office system to collect votes for our Dancing with the Stars event, so please disregard the word TICKETS wherever you see it. You are purchasing votes to sponsor one or more of the great dancers in our annual fundraiser.
Qty. Category Price
Chris Fry & Kimberly Charles $10.00
Erik Zeiss & Lauren Nicole Sherwood $10.00
Josephine Furlin & Billy Blanks, Jr. $10.00
Lisa Saba Price & Justin Allen $10.00
Melisa Viggiano & James Calixte $10.00
Meredith Scheine & Bob Blank $10.00
Nadia Fiorita & Ricardo Sopin $10.00
Stephen Maggiola & Julia Maggiola $10.00
Thomas Carlucci & Linda Cicero $10.00
Tracey Sposi Downey & Cuong Nguyen $10.00
Willard Miley & Katie Arbulu $10.00